Ft. Zumwalt North High School8

O'Fallon, MO | St. Charles County

September 23, 2009

I would give it 4 stars!! I Graduated 2006!! I reeeally Miss it!!

May 26, 2009

I was a freshman at this school and i've been to 3 different high schools in 3 years and i got to say this was the best school i've been to. The teacher were great and cared a lot too, i live in maryland now as a 11th grader and my school is less the good, i would love to go back.

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August 25, 2008

I think that this school is awesome because it has very friendly teachers and other staff there. The custodians in the cafeteria go around with a trashcan when it's close to dismissing to go back to class. My high school life there is exellent!

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December 25, 2007

i have been in this distrist since k,now child in last yr.i think the every school he went to from start to finish has been wonderful. the teachers he got the staff at each one.people said they couldnt get there own buses they did an they showed up on time first day. it solved a problem many schools faced,i also liked the way they made a call home if child wasnt there that day.i found an open door if i had any problems,with his grades,with a bus driver,no matter they took time to sit an talk with you,the bully program,student of the week,progress reports, or just some of the good things about the school district.now going into healthy food for lunch.if i had one thing to say bad it would be my child had to go to 4 different school building to get to the end of his schooling.

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June 10, 2007

This school is lacking in the acedemic and extracurricular activities progress needed for a great school. They are the olest school in the Fort Zumwalt district and the least developed as far as excellence goes. Something needs to be done to make this school soar.

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May 23, 2007

i think this is an awesome school! iam glad its smaller because its like a family, everyone knows each other, and people get along well. we have a great band, wrestling team, cross-country, football, and alot more. i would deffinetly choose this school over all others. its nice to say i whent to the same high school my parents whent to, but anyways go panthers.

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March 7, 2007

This school has fantastic activities available to the students. We have a great band, drama club, choir, orchestra, and sports teams. It is a great place to learn and everyone has a good time while they are here.

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January 7, 2006

FZN is a fantastic school. Each student is given unlimited chances and venues in which to succeed. Individual attention is important to our teachers. Students can get a free, personal student tutor. FZN offers the A+ program which allows students to receive a free college education at the Community College. Creativity and expression of self is highly present if FZN's wonderful Fine Arts departments. I am a member of all of FZN's bands. FZN's Jazz Band is nationally recognized and the concert band, choir and orchestra are also highly acclaimed. The Drama program is very active. The sports and physical education programs offered here are also excellent. FZN is small enough for the students to enjoy personal attention from teachers and administrators, yet large enough for them to participate in any kind of activity they feel drawn to. -Rudy Semar, FZN Junior

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December 5, 2004

FZN is a great school and I think the students are a great group of kids where you can be yourslef and don't have to worry about it. The different types of people in my school are great. I love going there every day. My principal is amazing. There are many other activites you can do at this school rather if you play sports, act, or sing. Or are in a club that is not any of those things. I think no one is left out if there is someone to be there and talk to anyone. Some of the teachers aren't great at teaching, but some that are veteran teachers and no how to teach. The lunch is alright. The 3rd lunch is the worst. No food is left. But overall this is a great school to be at and attend every day.

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