Coverdell Elementary School9

St Charles, MO | St. Charles County

November 14, 2010

Our child has gone here for two years. The teachers are excellent and they benefit from a fantastic principal and leadership team. Their continued hard work and dedication to the kids is evident with the school passing the 2010 testing standards. We are very happy with our child's education at Coverdell.

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September 24, 2008

I have had three children that have attended Coverdell over the past few years and have been sadly disappointed time and time again. We originally transferred away from Coverdell when my first child was in first grade and were forced to return last year because the district closed two elementary schools, due to lack of children in the district. I was very fortunate a my other two children were placed in the classrooms of two very good teachers who cared about my kids and tried to fill in where the district runs short. This district is greatly mismanaged and run by a Board that has no ties to the schools and only cares about their needs and opinions. Look at the numbers. This district is on its way to becoming the next St. Louis City School District. Really do your research before you choose your children's school.

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June 26, 2008

My children have recently completed their first year at Coverdell. I was not too familiar with it or the teachers but I soon found that it is a wonderful school! The principal, Ms. Hill, is great as are the rest of the staff. The office knows all the kids by name and the teachers are remarkable. My children have also advanced academically at a fast rate. I can't say enough about the level of education and professionalism at Coverdell.

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July 24, 2006

My son has attended Coverdell since kindergarten and is now a 5th grader. Even though I have had some problems with certain teachers over my son's behavior I do find it a good school. They really do work well with helping children when they need it and my son has a ton of friends there. It is hard for some kids with the open rooms but I think it helps my son and gives him the opportunity to learn new things.

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May 1, 2006

My son attended Coverdell for one year and we found it unacceptable for him. The open environment was too distracting and the school has a heavy concentration on special education and English as a second language. The school does a wonderful job in those areas but left my gifted student hanging by himself. He did not fit in well with the kids attending there and was being bullied in first grade on the playground.

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